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Please note! We are now on pause to recruitment!

Reach out to the REFUEL-MS team with any questions

Reaching Underrepresented Groups in the MS Community

We hope to talk to people who are living with MS and experiencing fatigue, particularly people whose voices may be underrepresented in the MS community at the moment. 

Group Hug

We are particularly interested in recruiting people from underserved or seldom-heard groups, particularly those whose experiences have rarely been considered in healthcare research.

We would like to organise 1:1 interviews with you, either via video call, telephone or in person in a convenient location. Interviews can take up to 1 hour but we will always be flexible to meet your needs.

What do we mean by
'seldom heard?'

Within the context of the MS community, this may include you if you are:

  • older

  • male

  • from the LGBTQ+ community

  • from minority ethnic groups

  • from lower socio-economic backgrounds

  • have a lower levels of computer literacy

  • have a diagnosis of progressive MS

  • have varying levels of symptom impact

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