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Please note! We are now on pause to recruitment!

Reach out to the REFUEL-MS team with any questions

Exploring fatigue management in multiple sclerosis with healthcare professionals 

The best way to design a treatment that will can be successfully embedded into healthcare services is to speak with healthcare professionals who will interact with the tool! 

We are looking to speak with Neurologists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and MS Service Managers to understand your perspective.

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Senior Therapy

Much of the new fatigue treatment will be self-guided via an app and we plan for there to be minimal input from healthcare professionals. We understand how much pressure there is on the NHS so want to hear your thoughts on how this new treatment could be integrated into MS services.

We hope to conduct focus groups with those who wish to take part. Focus groups can take up to 2 hours and are likely to be held via MS Teams or Zoom to ensure inclusivity. If you want to take part but are not able to join a focus group, we can also offer the option of a 1:1 interview. This is likely to be around 1 hour.

What is a focus group?

A focus group involves an organised discussion with a small group of individuals to gain their views and experiences on a specific issue.

We hope that 6-10 people will take part in each focus group. 

The findings from the focus groups will be used to develop the digital intervention REFUEL-MS

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